Koolance introduces their first Computer DIY Cooling Kits. It seems everyone is wanting to get into the market of basic water cooling, and who can blame them? We’ve seen Corsair’s kits on every single corner of the tech world lately. The question is, is Koolance trying to compete with Corsair and their AIO units, or are they trying to compete with starter kits like the ones EK & XPSC offer? Our initial thoughts were Corsair but upon inspection of the price and products included we’re leaning more towards the kits. It’s important to note that the radiator and CPU water block are copper based, unlike AIO kits, so you can add on additional radiators, GPU water blocks, etc to these.

The CPU block is the Koolance 380 which was the winner in our CPU Block LGA2011 roundup, which you can read about HERE


Current Models Available Are:


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