Watercool have released a new version of the HeatKiller IV CPU waterblock specifically for AMDs SP3r2/TR4 socket.

The waterblock it self is based on HEATKILLER IV engine which we reviewed in Intel form here. The waterblock has been extended and adapted to AMD SP3r2/TR4 socket.  Threadripper uses a ton of power and based on data we’ve seen so far really benefits from a maxed out cooling engine area that covers as much surface area as possible.

The waterblock is compatible with both AMD EPYC and AMD ThreadRipper CPUs.

Material Top: Copper
Material cold plate: Copper
Material EasyMountSystem: Nickel plated brass
Measurements (L x B x H): 118 x 78 x 18mm
Weight: approx 900g
Gaskets: NBR 70
Ports: 2x G ¼ inch (DIN ISO 228-1)
Distance between ports: 25 mm
Compatible with: socket TR4 (AMD Ryzen Threadripper), Socket SP3r2 (AMD EPYC)

The waterblock show in the picture is made out of Nickel Plated Copper, but there are several models:

  • Pure Copper
  • Nickel Plated Copper
  • Acryl Nickel-Black
  • Acryl Nickel-Red

Pricing and availability:
The waterblocks are available from Watercool’s store, as well as their partner re-sell network. The pricing is between 80.95€ and 89.95€ depending on the model.

XSPC announced that they are going to be releasing a new type of block, called the Razor Neo with nickel plating and tempered glass, this is a break in direction with XSPC’s previous look which often featured copper bases coupled with brushed aluminum plates painted black sitting on top of acrylic.  XSPC has also launched an update to their CPU block that features a similar look.  We love this new up market look from XSPC and we are happy that they have also simplified the port connector which used to be busy and quite frankly a little ugly and unnecessarily complicated.

XSPC advertises this new waterblock withe following specifications:

  • Ultra clear tempered glass window
  • Pure copper base with nickel plating
  • Brass connector block with black chrome plating
  • Polished aluminium top with black chrome plating
  • Coolant flow path free from aluminium
  • No visible screws when installed
  • 0.35mm GPU cooling fins for high performance
  • Active VRM cooling fins
  • Low flow restriction
  • Two 2x5x5mm LED holes
  • RGB lighting and controller
  • Dimensions: 263.7 x 98.3 x 30.7mm
  • Supports Nvidia GTX 1080, GTX 1070, 1080 Ti, 1070 Ti and Titan X Pascal cards (Nvidia reference designs and founders edition only)

The coolant flow path is free of aluminum, which prevents corrosion. Here aluminum is only used for aesthetic purposes, which is good.

The waterblock is abailable in two of the following variants:

  • Chrome
  • Black Chrome

Pricing and availability:


Sources: XSPC, Watercool


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