Extreme Rigs is very happy to announce the launch of the “Ultimate Water Cooling Kit” in association with Performance-PCs.com.  This is a kit with everything you need to setup a water cooling loop for your CPU and giving an easy upgrade path to add more cooling later.  The goal of this kit is to give you parts that you won’t want to replace in 6 months and will last a long time.  Paying for the right gear the first time may save you money in the long run.  Existing water cooling kits come from a single manufacturer and may have some items that are compromised.  Our kit is designed to have only the best components from every category.  These components have been tested and used by the Extreme Rigs team, often over many years and are our favorite products out there.  They are all top performers with good reputations from the best brands.  Because they are “the best of the best” – the kit may change as newer, better components are released and reviewed.

Because not every kit can be perfect for every user we persuaded Performance PC’s to give you some options on the kit.  You can specify the color and size of tube, you can add in extras for easier mounting and you can even select a thicker radiator.

IMG_9573 (1)

CPU Block:

The Watercool Heatkiller IV has really impressed us with it’s reliable mount and amazing thermal performance.  It is the dominating block in thermal performance right now.  For socket 1150 use we would suggest adding the optional backplate.



Cylinder reservoirs with a pump directly underneath are the easiest to bleed and fill.  They have long been our choice when possible.  EK’s cylinder reservoirs in particular have always been great quality and value for money.  As a combined pump/res combo we find the EK solution to be the most flexible for installation.  it also has great looks combined with a noise dampening mount:

EK’s pump tops were some of the highest flow out there in our last roundup.  The new REVO top, while performing slightly worse, still outperforms a stock Laing top:

The D5 pump is our favorite pump – it’s quiet, powerful and reliable.  The only real decision is which version to get.  PWM gives the option of automatic speed control with a minimal cost adder.  It’s powerful when you need it, quiet when you don’t.  If you’re worried about PWM compatibility with some motherboards we would suggest upgrading to the USB D5 pump from Aquacomputer.  It has all the same speed control benefits.

If a specific reservoir mounting is required we would suggest adding one of the two EK-Uni mounts that can mount the pump/res to a vertical or horizontal 120mm fan mount.


The Hardware Labs Nemesis GTS is a slim radiator with outstanding performance in a push fan setup that can beat many of the thicker radiator designs.  It dominates all of the slim radiators finishing nearly 10% ahead of anything in the same category.

For those with more space in their case seeking ultimate performance we’d recommend upgrading to the Hardware Labs SR2 for those wanting to use low speed fans, or the Hardware Labs GTX for higher speed fans.


Gentle Typhoon fans have been the favorite of water coolers for years.  Now we have the benefit of a PWM version courtesy of Darkside.  Even the latest designs still can’t overcome the gentle typhoon’s amazing airflow to noise ratio.  Three 1850RPM PWM Gentle Typhoon fans are included to run the radiator in push or pull.  Included is a PWM fan splitter to make wiring easier.  Extra fans can be added to increase performance by using a push/pull setup.  The fans and pump can also be sleeved by Performance PC’s for a few extra bucks.


Bitspower’s fittings are the standard in the industry that everyone wants to beat.  The barbs are fat but high flow and the plating is excellent.  Their rotaries are tight and never feel loose and wobbly.  We’ve never had a problem with tube getting loose in a Bitspower compression fitting.  We’ve included two 90 degree rotary fittings in order to make installation easier.  You also get a choice of colors AND sizes- how many kits give you that flexibility?



There are many tube choices but Primochill Advanced LRT 3/8 x 5/8 is the standard to beat.  It’s flexible enough to be useful without being chockful of additives that will leech out and clog a CPU block.  It’s thick enough not to kink while being high flow.  It’s small enough to turn a corner in a tight space.  It’s also a good match for Bitspower’s slightly oversized barbs and gives a very secure fit.  While there are cheaper options, none have yet proven themselves as reliable and long lasting as Advanced LRT.  As tubing size is still rather personal, we’ve included the option to change the tube size if you so wish.  We have included 10 feet of tube in the kit so that you have plenty of spare tube in case of mistakes.  There is nothing worse than ordering a kit and having to pay to ship another order for 2 feet more of tube a week later.


Mayhem’s X1 coolant does not use glycol, but does offer corrosion, algae and bacteria inhibitors.  We include the clear version of the concentrate so that you can add Mayhem’s compatible dye to make whichever coolant color you desire.  Mayhem’s have led the industry with their range of dyes which have lived up to their claims and have not caused long term problems in our loops.

Thermal Interface Material:

There are many TIMs out there and while there are TIMs that perform slightly better we have decided to go with a TIM that is extremely easy to use and performs reliably each and every time.  Arctic Cooling’s MX2 is easy to spread, has zero cure time and is non conductive.  The slight performance loss is well worth the ease of use.



A power supply jumper is also included to make leak testing easier.  Swiftech’s PWM fan splitter is also included which leaves plenty of room to upgrade:


Nothing else is needed for this kit – however some may choose to add an advanced system level controller such as an Aquaero, MPS flow sensor, quick disconnect fittings, coolant temperature sensors or fill/drain ports.  If added on these will increase ease of use, diagnostics and safety.


The kit is of course expandable beyond accessories – GPUs, motherboards and memory blocks can all be added.   Additional radiators can also be added.  The D5 is a strong pump that will handle upgrading to a large loop as long as restrictive components are not used.

Where to buy: PPCS



  1. Why do you recommend a fan that has been discontinued even before your post was published? Finding a successor to the Gentle Typhoon on http://www.scythe-eu.com is close to impossible. Do you have an update for your recommendation or should we simply go for EK-Vardars?

    • Hi Peter, Gentle Typhoons still come and go. Although they aren’t officially available Nidec still keep making batches of them if a company orders enough of them. That’s why Performance Pc’s and DazMode sometimes have stock and sometimes don’t. Right now they are out of stock, but I would be very surprised if more don’t reappear at some point. The Vardars are still good fans, and now the 140mm has had it’s issues resolved (or so we’re told – we haven’t tested) then they are a decent choice when GT’s aren’t available.