Technical specifications as listed by Magicool:

I suspect that the datasheet and details on the Magicool website are from the original 360 slim and have not been updated with the Slim G2 details. The details here are taken form the retail sleeve.

  • Copper Fins with Brass Chambers
  • 16 FPI (fins per inch)
  • 393 x 120 x 27 (mm)
  • 16mm x 1.5mm tubes
  • G ¼ thread connections
  • 800 grams
  • 5 bar pressure tested
  • 6/32 UNC threads for fan mounting

I did find a tech drawing, but quality of image is quite poor unfortunately, and it may well be the original 360 Slim and not the Slim G2.

magicool1Dimensions Measured on the radiator tested (retail unit):


Radiator Core Dimensions:


Finish and Features

In the following pic an 18 FPI count is measured, however when doing my measurements the FPI count was mostly 16.

Magicool G2 Slim-4-3

The fin spacing is quite even up and down the tubes, though not perfectly uniform. This is quite normal and expected with medium to high density fin layout.

Magicool G2 Slim-3-3

The Slim G2 is painted in satin black and the finish is flawless, silky smooth and I really cannot fault the quality of the finish. It is as good as you could possibly hope for.

Magicool G2 Slim-5-3

The G2 Slim looks and feels solidly constructed and I was impressed with it’s overall quality.  The ports options are minimal, having just 2 ports, for inlet and outlet.

Let’s see how it performs…