Hardware Labs Nemesis 360 GTS Radiator Review

The intention of this write up is to provide information and performance data about the Hardware Labs Nemesis 360GTS Radiator for inclusion in the Extreme Rigs Rad Round Up 2015, however in this review rather than comparing the Nemesis 360GTS to all the rads we made a decision to start a Round-Up just for the Slim 360mm rads. Expect our Slims Round-Up to be published in the coming weeks.

I’ll be keeping the review section short and factual, focusing on presenting the performance data compiled through the numerous tests carried out. First of all a big thanks to Hardware Labs for providing this sample of the Nemesis GTS.


Nemesis 360GTS (18)

What’s in the box?

The Nemesis 360GTS sample sent by Hardware Labs came in full retail packaging.

Nemesis 360GTS (23)

The front of the outer sleeve leaves us in no doubt as to what is inside. On the back we find some tech drawings and list of features.

Nemesis 360GTS (21)

Nemesis 360GTS (24)

Removing the outer sleeve we find a sturdy shipping box with a sticker seal that gives us a warning about using correct length screws.

Nemesis 360GTS (28)

Nemesis 360GTS (27)

On the sample I received for testing the flaps on the inner box have potential to cause damage to the fins during packaging and/or shipping. Hardware Labs was aware of the problem and have made moves to have the packaging tweaked to avoid this issue. Hopefully this change will include a foam liner on top or a bubble wrap bag. The lift up flap at one end for the screws is perfect, keeping the screws away from the precious core.

Extent of Delivery:

1x Radiator

12x M4 x 28mm black Phillips slotted pan head screws.

12x M4 x 5mm black Phillips slotted pan head screws.

Nemesis 360GTS (25)

Onwards to technical specifications!


  1. I wish they did multi port versions of the Nemesis GTS. That would be the logical next design evolution for HWLabs.

  2. What are the implications for using a highly restrictive rad like the 360gts? Does it play nice with other rads in a multi rad cpu/gpu cooled rig?


    • Hi David,
      This is a great question, that is rather complicated to answer, as so much of the detail is reliant on the other components in you water cooling loop.
      I’ll try to make the answer as simple as possible to understand, even if some the terminology isn’t technically correct.
      Let’s start back with the pump/s & pump top set up (which I’ll just call pump) that one may be using as it is the heart of any water cooling system.
      The pump has a maximum amount of “power” with which it is able to move the coolant.
      The maximum “power” has 2 dynamically linked properties which we call “Flow Rate” and “Pressure”
      As one of these properties goes up, then the other must come down, because the pump has a limit on it’s (maximum) “power”

      So let’s imagine that the pump is set up in a loop all of it’s own, with no other components.
      The flow rate will be very high because the restriction level is low and the none of the pump’s “power/pressure” is needed to overcome any restrictions.
      Now – if we start adding in components such as blocks and radiators we are placing restrictions the pump must overcome.
      To do this the pump’s “power” is dynamically changed depending on the restriction level of the components.
      More restriction = is more pressure needed by the the pump to get the coolant through the block/radiator….
      which results in a lower flow rate.
      So with a restrictive radiator like the 360GTS it will play nicely with other components in the loop.
      The question is, does your pump have enough “power” to achieve a flow rate you desire after using up “pressure” on the components.

      If nothing else, that should get you thinking 🙂

  3. Wonder if anyone knows how much the 360 GTS Nemesis weighs in grams? I almost replaced it with the Coolgate 360HD as the specs seemed better but when I held both in my hands it seemed liked the Nemesis GTS 360 was heavier as in better materials and more copper and had just as much radiator height internally though the 360hd had a taller casing and weighed 790g. Could not find wieght info published online anywhere. Mine is the X-Flow version however. Thanks

  4. Thanks for the excellent review. I really can’t figure out if this rad is for me though?? I will be using x2 360 rads to cool a 5820K+1080 GPU, using lower RPM fan speeds, but the flow restriction issue has me concerned. The Alphacool Nexxxos ST30 360 seems VERY close in performance, but with better flow restriction. Really don’t know which one to go for?! I have an EK-XRES 140 Revo D5 PWM pump/res.

    • I also have the Ek X-Res 140 Revo D5 and also like to know what’s the better 360m slim rad at the moment?

      Will the Nemesis GTS 360 work ok with this pump? I will only have the an EK block for the cpu in my loop.


    • A D5 puts out about 4.5 PSI at 1GPM, let’s assume 1 PSI for your cpu block and 0.5 PSI for your gpu block. 1 Nemesis GTS rad is ~1 PSI at 1GPM. So that’s a total of 3.5PSI at 1GPM which is well within reach of a D5 🙂 So yes the GTS will be fine. It’s more of a problem if you’re going to be using 3-4 as well as multiple gpu blocks and a weaker pump 🙂

      • What about pump like Magicool DCP450?

        Im planing to use Alphacool Eisblock XFX – its very restrictive
        2x Nemesis GTS 240mm – again… very restrictive
        and single GPU full cover block.