MSI are continuing their dragon styled assault on the haswell market with a mITX motherboard and a matching non-reference GTX760.  The motherboard has everything a gamer would need including a Killer NIC, and WiFi.  It has 5 Sata ports, plenty for a mITX build, the usual two DDR3 slots and one PCIE 3 16x slot.

The GTX760 on the other hand is reminiscent of Asus’ mini GTX670 design.  It’s designed to be no longer than the mITX board meaning it would be compatible with the smallest mITX cases that can fit a full height dual slot card.  This combo would make for a powerful lightweight rig that would be perfect for HTPC/light gaming duties or a LAN rig.  No word on pricing yet, but we like that MSI is continuing their dragon theme and competing more aggresively with Asus.