Exterior Photos


One of the lightest blocks in the group:

The copper base and warning look identical to alphacool’s. I wonder if they share that part. The jetplate and top is definitely different though.

Again the same distortion as alphacool:

Less wear and tear though:

Interior Photos

After testing:

Like the alphacool there is 4 Philips head screws to remove:

Unlike the alphacool the block uses a standard channel/jetplate design and the mounting plate is attached to the block.  The jetplate however isn’t metal like many of the blocks and has some interesting “waves” on it:

Underneath is a normal o-ring, however the outer o-ring seems to be glued on and squashed permanently out of shape:

The channels are very narrow in terms of width:

The channel area is about 26mm wide:

About the same length ~26mm:


Detailed Roundup Results


The Phobya block is one of the best out there thermally.  It essentially ties the CPU-380 for the first spot.  However it’s let down by the feeling that the designers cheaped out a bit.  The top plastic looks and feels cheap and scratched.  The logo is a bit bland and dated.  The screws that hold the back in look to be copper plated.  The mount uses small thumb nuts which are a bit fiddly and hex bolts that take forever to screw in from the back of the board.  If the build quality felt like the Koolance CPU-380 then this would have got a gold award too, but sadly it’s lacking.

Silver Award – 8.5/10