This project gradually evolved/upgraded and this is it’s latest incarnation, and probably last incarnation in this case as I’m really at the limit of what I can fit in an antec 300. However I’m waiting for the caselabs TX10 godzilla case before upgrading that so I’m making do with the 300 for now.

Initial build – 3/2010

920 D0, asus p6t vanilla, 6gb corsair dominator gt 1600 CL7, zalman 9900 cooler, evga 8800gt, lsi 9211-8i, 2 x25e 32gb in raid 0, 2xWD Black 1tb in raid 1, ocz 550W supply, windows xp

Linux rebuild – 9/2010

Upgraded to 980x, added 12gb of gskill 1600 CL9 (yuck), dual booted redhat 5.5 and win 7 pro, added a c300 128gb drive for work in progress files

GPU and watercooling upgrade – 2/2011

Added 2xgtx 460 in sli ($60 each after rebate!), jumped to water with a RX360 kit + another RX360 + razor full cover blocks for gpus. Modded the case for better wiring, painted it and added a saddlebag style external radiator holder using 1″x1/4″ bar from home depot, resoldered gentle typhoons for black wires and took apart and top mounted the fan controller as I didn’t have enough bays for it

Before (with classy cabling):

Inside Painted and holes cut for better cabling:

Pots removed from fan controller board and wired up remotely from the board:

Pots mounting on the top:

Getting read to fill the loop:

Upgrade completed – also cut out the standard fan mesh and replaced with silverstone magnetic filters: