EKWB had recently announced their slim, narrow “SE” versions of 140 and 240mm radiators.  Now EK are folding them into their series of kits, unsurprisingly under the “SLIM” sub brand.

These new kits consist of the folllowing:

-Supremacy MX UNI- the Supremacy MX waterblock compatible with LGA 115x, LGA 2011 and 2011-3, LGA 2066 and AM4

-Coolstream SE radiator- 140 and 280mm size variants

-Vardar EVO- EK custom built fans with start-stop function

-XRES 100 SPC MX PWM a DDC based pump/reservoir combo unit

-AFC Fittings- six of 10/13mm Nickel fittings

-Duraclear- 2M of clear tubing

-CryoFuel Clear- Coolant Concentrate

This is the good copper kit, not the cheaper aluminum based kit.  Generally we would suggest avoiding the aluminum kits.

Pricing and availability:

They are already available and here is the official table of pricing provided by EK:

Component EK-KIT S140 EK-KIT S280
CPU Water Block  EK-Supremacy MX UNI  EK-Supremacy MX UNI
Radiator  EK-CoolStream SE 140  EK-CoolStream SE 280
Water pump reservoir combo EK-XRES 100 SPC-60 MX PWM EK-XRES 100 SPC-60 MX PWM
Radiator fan  1x EK-Vardar EVO 140ER Black  2x EK-Vardar EVO 140ER Black
Tubing EK-DuraClear 9,5/12,7mm – 2 meters EK-DuraClear 9,5/12,7mm – 2 meters
Compression fittings  6 x EK-ACF Fitting 10/13mm – Nickel  (3/8” – 1/2”)  6 x EK-ACF Fitting 10/13mm – Nickel (3/8” – 1/2”)
Coolant concentrate EK-CryoFuel Clear Concentrate 100 mL EK-CryoFuel Clear Concentrate 100 mL
Additional pump holder EK-UNI Pump Bracket (140mm FAN) EK-UNI Pump Bracket (140mm FAN)
Y-Cable Splitter EK-Cable Y-Splitter 2-Fan PWM (10cm) EK-Cable Y-Splitter 2-Fan PWM (10cm)
ATX Bridging Plug Included Included
Pump testing adapter Included Included
MSRP (incl.VAT) 239.06€ 268.39€