EKWB has released a new series of GPU terminals (aka bridges) under the “X” sub brand.

The X series are made out of acrylic. They are cast and then polished in order to have a high gloss finish.

Compared to legacy models, the new X series offer more connectivity. There are two inlet/outlet ports on both sides to better suit the user and their needs.

Additionally, every G1/4 inch port sits flush with the terminal and thus allows user to directly install the fittings without adapters which was unnecessarily annoying on some of the old models from EK.  Terminals are great for multi GPU setups – not only do they make it easy and clean to connect the graphics cards but they also provide valuable support to the GPUs and prevent them from sagging as much.  Of course we would generally recommend avoiding the hassle of multi GPU setups, particularly with more than 2 cards, but we have to admit most motherboards just look a bit empty with “only” one GPU.

We love the look of acrylic terminals along with colored coolant, however as always you have to be a bit more careful with acrylic not to over tighten screws as it can crack.  In addition dye can stain the blocks and while it can be cleaned, it’s almost impossible to fully clean the threads of the block.  We also love that EK have made the terminal compatible with their edge strips.  Presumably the edge strips are optional:

Pricing and availability:

X series of terminals come in wide variety of shapes and sizes and are already available. Here is the official table of pricing for each model:

Name Conection Type Price
EK-FC Terminal X2 – Plexi Parallel 28.95€
EK-FC Terminal X2 – Acetal Parallel 17.95€
EK-FC Terminal X2 S – Plexi  Serial 17.95€
EK-FC Terminal X2 S – Acetal Serial 17.29€
EK-FC Terminal X2 1-slot – Plexi Parallel 24.95€
EK-FC Terminal X2 1-slot – Acetal Parallel 23.95€
EK-FC Terminal X2 3-slot – Plexi Parallel 29.95€
EK-FC Terminal X2 3-slot – Acetal Parallel 19.95€
EK-FC Terminal X3 – Plexi Parallel 32.95€
EK-FC Terminal X3 – Acetal Parallel 23.95€
EK-FC Terminal X3 S – Plexi Serial 32.95€
EK-FC Terminal X3 S – Acetal Serial 23.95€
EK-FC Terminal X3 (Type II) – Acetal Parallel 27.95€
EK-FC Terminal X3 S (Type II) – Acetal Parallel 27.95€
EK-FC Terminal X4 – Acetal Parallel 36.95€
EK-FC Terminal X7 – Acetal Parallel 49.95€


Source: EKWB.com