The CPU-390 is a definite thermal and aesthetic upgrade to the excellent CPU-380.  Realistically our only gripes are minor quibbles.  Yes we would prefer a new prettier and more precise mounting system, but that’s about all we can fault Koolance on.  But still the question is whether Koolance has done enough.  Previously we had recommended the Heatkiller IV Pro for those who wanted performance at any cost.  Then the Raystorm Pro came out as a veritable bargain – for $65 you were within tickling distance of the HK4.  Now the CPU-390 comes along at a very similar price but with more accessories (115X backplate and TIM included).  Both blocks have very similar performance and so the end decision really comes down to aesthetics which is always in the eye of the beholder.DSC_7856

Those seeking a bargain should continue to look at the Raystorm Pro, but those looking for the best just added another option alongside the Heatkiller IV.  Because this is a top performing block where the only thing we can complain about is the aesthetic of the thumb nuts then we feel it’s justified in receiving the Extreme Rigs Gold Award!

Where to buy: Koolance – $80-90



  1. #1. I use water blocks without jet plate…
    You should tests without jetplate. ¿Makes pump last longer? Do I sacrifice 10°C ?
    For non critical applications I think is better… I’m I wrong?

    #2. Koolance is getting cheaper by the minute….
    CPU-390AMD has removed support for G34 socket “server” like my Tyan S8232,
    Is just 1 centimeter of metal.. 2 small coins. How cheap is that?

    #3. CPU-390intel does not have 2011-v3 Narrow ILM, I want to buy a new server, but I’m stuck with Supermicro SNK-P0050AP4.
    ¿How cheap is not having an optional Narrow ILM?
    Square ILM is 80x80mm
    Narrow ILM 56x94mm (similar to AMD, but not compatible WTF?) Intel finally realized AMD mount is not that bad, if want to make board small.
    But intel decided not to make a compatible mount? ¿Why there is not an Universal Mount?
    Why does a few milimeters hurt so much to a billion dollar company?
    Cheap bastards. LOL. Jajajajajajaja

  2. Koolance should not include thermal paste, if want to save costs, instead of cutting features, nobody use it anyway…
    How good is it anyway? I use Antec formula 7 or 6, I’m happy. Won’t change for another brand.
    not electric conductive…
    Diamonds dust is cheap.
    very thermal conductive.
    Does not dry and crack like OCZ freeze…
    Is not as hard as “the other diamond thermal paste brand.” = Does not need as much pressure.
    Can be reused.

  3. Another thing I don’t like about the 390 are the arrows, the 380 arrows are smarter, less confusing…
    390 is crazy.

  4. I currently have a CPU 380i, with only 1C improvement in temps on this benchmark, I’m not about to dump $80 on the 390i. Very nice review though, very thorough.

    • It’s worth noting that no other reviewer or manufacturer had a CPU-380 as good as mine – other’s (e.g. thermalbench) have shown a bigger increase between the two. So if my 380 was just a lucky golden sample and yours wasn’t then you may see more of a difference. However all I can do is test what I have as best I can 🙂