Welcome to another Extreme Rigs Review. Today we have XSPC’s PETG Easy Cut / Easy Bend Toolkit to check out. From here on in, we’re going to abbreviate that to the PETG Toolkit, which we think may have been a better name in the first place.

Introduced into our water cooling world as an alternative to acrylic hard-line tubing, PETG has increased in popularity as more manufacturers have added PETG tubing to their product lines. Whether PETG or Acrylic is better is not a topic for discussion today, although we may inadvertently reveal some of the advantages or disadvantages of using both while testing out the items contained in the PETG Toolkit.

While some companies offer both acrylic and PETG tubing, XSPC have put faith in the newer product and only offer PETG tubing. XSPC currently have PETG tubing available in clear or white. It has has a 14mm OD to suit their 14/10mm PETG Triple Seal fittings which are available with either a chrome or black chrome finish. Each of the items in the toolkit we’re looking at today are available to purchase individually and can be found along with the PETG tubing and fittings on XSPC’s PETG Tube/Fittings Product Information Page.

In our review of the PETG Toolkit, we’ll do an un-boxing featuring heaps of photos, then each item of the kit will undergo some practical tests and finish off with a conclusion.

Before we begin we’d like to give a special Thanks to XSPC for sponsoring the PETG Toolkit and PETG Tubing for this review. Without the support of our sponsors, reviews like this would not be possible. Extreme Rigs greatly appreciates the support offered by XSPC and with their help we’ll continue to bring you great info on their new products.



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