EK CoolStream CE 140 Radiator Review

Welcome to another Extreme Rigs radiator review. Today we’ll be looking at the CoolStream CE 140 from EKWB. Released in July this year, the CE series encompasses all of EK’s radiators suitable for use with 140mm size fans. The CE 140 we’ll be looking at in this review is the single fan version and will be the last of this size radiator to be checked out this year. We’ll find out what makes the CE 140 tick, analyze it’s performance data and compare it’s results against the other 140mm radiators we have tested.
Previously we reviewed the CE 420 and currently the CE 280 is under scrutiny, so this CE 140 review will form part of the “CE Roundup”.

Firstly a big thanks to EKWB for providing the review sample of the CE 140. The support offered by EK has been exemplary over the past 18 months since our radiator testing commenced and it really is greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!

Before we start we would like to say thanks to Noctua for providing the NF-A14 Industrial PPC-2000 IP67 PWM 140mm fans. We use these fans for all our 140mm based radiator thermal performance testing.



What’s in the Box?

The CE 140 sample arrived in full retail packaging featuring EK’s lime green color code used for their radiators and fans.

The graphics are plain and simple, but I do like the band of radiator fins.

On the back, some key points and technical details are listed.

Seems as though a few typos were made with the model number, as “120” mm is not part of the CE series and we clearly have a 140mm radiator for review, not a 280 as per the listed contents.

Our feelings about the “Ready for use” key point are well known to regular readers by now. Suffice to say that we encourage end users to always flush new radiators prior to installing into their system.

Removing the outer sleeve we find a sturdy shipping box.

The radiator has a bubble wrap sleeve which offers addition protection during shipping. The EK radiator packaging is about as good as one could hope for.

The accessories are in a piece of taped up cardboard tucked safely at one end of the box. This prevents the accessories becoming loose during transport and helps keep the fragile core from sustaining any damage. Simple yet effective.


Extent of delivery as listed by EK:

– EK-CoolStream CE series radiator /w two pre-installed G1/4 extenders
– Flat-head UNC 6-32 screws (l=30mm)
– Flat-head UNC 6-32 screws (l=5mm)
– Allen key 2,5mm
– Allen key 9mm

The above contents list is what is currently on the EK website, however the packaging makes no mention of the 9mm Allen Key. The review sample was not supplied with the 9mm allen key which is used for loosening or tightening the port extenders as we will see later.

The following caution note is from the EK website, but was not found anywhere on or in the packaging.
Screw WarningSo we have been warned, choose screw lengths carefully, particularly if using a mounting bracket or vibration reducing gaskets and remember to make compensation for the amount of compression when tightening down if foam gaskets are fitted.


Onwards to technical specifications!