XSPC have finally expanded their AX series radiator into 140 sizes.  Previously XSPC only had the EX radiator in 140 sizes, but that design seems to be fading out in favor of the easily moddable AX.  Still no RX in a 140 size though!

905715_899441426809240_6700059445861979271_o The radiator keeps it simple with only two ports.  As usual the outer casing is removable for easy painting.12191279_899441236809259_2796114375361227180_o

All 4 sizes (140, 280, 420, 560) are available in black and white!

Lian Li teased a new waterblock:


This is something quite new for them.  They showed various mounts and while it looks quite promising aesthetically the lack of a jetplate means that performance may not be top notch out of the gate.  Hopefully they will stick with it even if this first version needs a bit of tweaking and be a new player in the space!cb-01-a

EK who seem to launch a new product every day have managed to launch yet another monoblock.  It’s no secret that we love monoblocks and this one still looks great.  Designed for the entry level ROG Z170 boards – this monoblock is even compatible with three different boards – the Hero, Ranger and Gene variations:


Unlike some of the larger monoblocks – this does not cover the south bridge and instead focuses only on adding vrm cooling to the cpu core.  This is all you really need though.  As can be seen from the photo – the IO cover can remain in place which traditionally is often a cost to using the monoblocks.  Props to EK for making that happen.  As usual with EK’s monoblocks you will have to be willling to remove the socket temporarily in order to replace it’s backplate.

EK also launched some new colors of fittings – purple and green:



This adds on to the many colors they already had:


Bitspower watch out – EK want that fitting business badly!  EK also launched a tap fitting too – again similar to one of Bitspower’s popular fittings.  Looks a bit more ugly and functional to me though:


Lastly ModMyMods have been able to secure some all black PWM versions of Nidec’s Gentle Typhoon fan in 1850RPM speeds from Darkside (aka dazmode).  We make no secret that the 1850RPM Gentle Typhoon is our favorite 120mm fan for watercooling.  It still has the best air to noise ratio through a radiator out of any design:



Previously Darkside (and PPCs) only had the 2150RPM version.  The 2150RPM pushes a good bit more air, but while the 1850RPM can pass for silent to those who are not sensitive to noise, the 2150RPM is definitely audible and in my opinion just a bit too loud.  Using an 1850RPM means that the low end of the PWM curve should translate to a lower minimum RPM and hence a quieter bottom end.  Sadly these $20 fans still don’t include a black plug and sleeving to hide those wires!

Lastly Avexir have been working with Asus ROG on some qualified and branded DDR4.  Avexir is a relatively new player in the RAM game and has focused mainly on bringing new aesthetics and LED lighting to the table.  The downside of course is cost but these modules are absolutely banging and if you want a solid ROG theme then you’ll have to pay the price: