EK XTX 360 Radiator Review

The intention of this write up is to provide information and performance data about the EK XTX 360mm Radiator for inclusion in the Extreme Rigs Rad Round Up 2015. I’ll be keeping the review section short and factual, focusing on presenting the performance data compiled through the numerous tests carried out. The sample rad under scrutiny had been test fitted in a case but never used.

NOTE: You’ll notice a slight change in the data presentation from this radiator review onwards as I’m now including some test results for push only fan installation also. The push only fan testing was done at 1.0 GPM at the 3 fan speeds I test at (750, 1300 & 1850 RPM), so you now have direct comparison data for the two fan installation types. Keep an eye out for a Push only version of ER’s Radiator Round Up once we have collected more radiator results.



What’s in the Box?

I find EK’s colour coded retail packaging to be modern, stylish and attractive, with the EK radiator range having lime green highlights.


Inside the outer retail sleeve we find a sturdy shipping box containing the goodies.


This test sample was from the ER stash, and appears to have been repacked after use with all the original accessories and packaging, but may differ slightly from retail units.


Extent of delivery:

The EK website states the following is supplied:

– 1x EK-CoolStream RAD XTX (360) radiator
– 12 x M3 x 30mm DIN965 screws
– 12 x M3 x 5mm DIN965 screws
– 3 x G1/4 plug with Allen key

And on the box:

The accessories are packaged in a cardboard wrap placed at one end of the radiator as seen to the right of the previous picture. I like this style of packing as it avoids potential damage to the core from the accessories during transport to the end user.



And how thoughtful EK are to remind us about correct screw length selection when installing the rad by including this installation guide.

Onwards to technical specifications!