XSPC RX360 V3 360mm Radiator Review

The intention of this write up is to provide information and performance data about the XSPC RX360 v3 Radiator for inclusion in the Extreme Rigs Rad Round Up 2015. I’ll be keeping the review section short and factual, focusing on presenting the performance data compiled through the numerous tests carried out. First of all a big thanks to XSPC for providing this sample of the RX360 v3.

XSPC logoXSPC RX360 V3 with B_W (12)

What’s in the box?

XSPC RX360 V3 with B_W (7)

XSPC have packaged the RX V3 in a sturdy protective box.  Most XSPC packaging recently has been black with blue text.  This new white packaging is quite attractive.

XSPC RX360 V3 with B_W (11)

When opening the box I was greeted with a fan screw length warning and saw my least favourite way of radiator accessories being packaged – just plonked on top of the core.

XSPC RX360 V3 with B_W (13)

The radiator itself was wrapped in white paper sleeve and then inside a bubble wrap bag – very nice.

XSPC RX360 V3 with B_W (15)

Extent of Delivery:

1x Radiator

2 x port plugs

12x 30mm 6-32 UNC screws (Phillips head)

12x 6mm 6-32 UNC screws (Phillips head)

XSPC RX360 V3 with B_W (17)

All items in my test sample were accounted for.  The bag of screws was taped to a piece of cardboard and placed on the fins to try and protect against damage to the core. The bag containing the 2 x port plugs however was just placed on top of the bubble wrap leaving potential for damage to the during shipping. There was easily enough room at the end of the radiator for the screws and plugs to be placed and I would have preferred that these items be placed there.  Having said that, the radiator was in perfect condition when I unpackaged it from the bubble wrap and white paper sleeve.

It comes fitted with temporary travel plugs in the G ¼ ports, to keep the inside contaminant free after manufacturing.

XSPC RX360 V3 with B_W (5)

Onwards to technical specifications!


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