Phobya G-Changer 360 V.2 360mm Radiator Review

The intention of this write up is to provide information and performance data about the Phobya G-Changer 360 V.2 360mm Radiator for inclusion in the Extreme Rigs Rad Round Up 2015. I’ll be keeping the review section short and factual, focusing on presenting the performance data compiled through the numerous tests carried out. First of all a big thanks to Aquatuning for providing this sample of the G-Changer V2.



What’s in the box?

Phobya GC V2 - Lr Edited with B_W-1

Phobya have packaged the G-Changer V2 in a sturdy protective box with a bold graphic design that leaves no doubt about it’s contents. On the back is a “press release” type statement detailing the key features along with the technical specifications.

Phobya GC V2 - Lr Edited with B_W-2

Phobya GC V2 - Lr Edited with B_W-4

It is no secret that the Phobya and Alphacool are both owned by Aquatuning and so there is some “overlap” in products.  The G-Changer V2 according to it’s specs seems to be a rebranded Alphacool NexXxos UT60 radiator.  To find out whether this is true I’ll be making a few comparisons to the Alphacool UT60 during this write-up.

The packaging certainly is similar – identical even one might say, right down to the packing and placement of the accessories. Here is the Alphacool UT60 for reference:

Alphacool UT60 (1)

The packaging is as good as you could hope for.

Phobya GC V2 - Lr Edited with B_W-5

Extent of Delivery:

1x Radiator

12x M3x30mm Screws

12x M3x35mm Screws

3x Black screw-in Seal plugs


All items in my test sample were accounted for.

The fans screws have a black nickel finish while the 3 x port plugs have a silver nickel finish (not black as per the AquaTuning site description above) That may be the first clue that the G-Changer V2 is not identical to the UT60 which is supplied with 5 port plugs.

The radiator is offered protection inside a bubble wrap sleeve and the port have “travel plugs” in them to prevent moisture from entering after manufacture. The decision to pace a sticker on each side is questionable, I would have preferred the stickers to be included as an “extra”.

Phobya GC V2 - Lr Edited with B_W-7

Onwards to technical specifications!