Thermal Performance

Thermal Performance scores are derived from the relevant Performance Factor scores. We set this scale with 72.5% and below as the 0 mark, with each 2.5% increase from 72.5% in relative performance adding 0.5 to the awarded performance score.

The Bold Scores are based on performance comparisons of only the slim 360mm Rads. On the second line  is the score which is generated against all the 360mm rads from the complete round up.

Push Only Thermal Performance

  • 3.5/5 – Slims Only 360mm rads.
  • 2/5 – all 360mm rads


Push/Pull Thermal Performance

  • 3.5/5 – Slims Only 360mm rads.
  • 1.5/5 – all 360mm rads


Overall Thermal Performance

  • 3.5/5 – Slims Only 360mm rads.
  • 2.0/5 – all 360mm rads


Features & Quality – 3.5/5

The build quality and paint finish on the Slim G2 is excellent.

The core design with 16 FPI favours high speed fans which offers great performance for a slim radiator. The High FPI count does however mean that you’ll need to be doing maintenance more frequently – removing all those dust bunnies.

The Slim G2 has just 1 inlet port and 1 outlet port option. There are no protection plates for fan screws.

Summary – Bronze Award  & “Value” Award


The Magicool 360 Slim G2 is a traditional radiator design with no bells and whistles. It is well made with an excellent finish and is the cheapest in the roundup. It offers excellent performance for a slim radiator – especially at medium to high fan speeds. It deserves to be on your consideration list if you’re in the market for budget or slim 360mm radiator.

Where to buy: $50 – PPCS