Magicool 360 Slim G2 Radiator Review

The intention of this write up is to provide information and performance data about the Magicool G2 Slim 360mm Radiator. We will be including the test results in the Extreme Rigs Rad Round Up 2015, however in this review rather than comparing the SE to all the rads we made a decision to start a Round-Up just for the Slim 360mm rads. Expect our Slims Round-Up to be published in the coming weeks.

I’ll be keeping the review section short and factual, focusing on presenting the performance data compiled through the numerous tests carried out. First of all a big thanks to Magicool and PPCS for providing this sample of the Slim G2.

Magicool logo 1Magicool G2 Slim-1-3

What’s in the box?

The Slim G2 sample sent by Magicool came in full retail packaging. On the front of the outer sleeve is a picture overlaid on a tech drawing and some key features.

Magicool G2 Slim-1

On the back we find a brief biography on Magicool, the Technical Details of the G2 Slim and a warning about fan screw lengths.

Magicool G2 Slim-2

Inside the retail sleeve was a sturdy shipping box. Opening it up I was happy to find the Slim G2 inside a bubble wrap bag with the supplied screws tucked away at one end. Very good packaging offering the radiator every chance of arriving in perfect condition.

Magicool G2 Slim-4

Extent of Delivery:

1x Magicool G2 360 Slim radiator

12x UNC 6-32 30mm screws

12 x UNC 6-32 5mm screws

3 x Silicon pad


Unfortunately my sample did not have the 3 x anti-vibration pads, though the website and box both say that they are included with the G2 Slim.

Magicool G2 Slim-7The supplied set of 30mm screws are the correct length for mounting one set of fans. The 5mm screw set is for mounting for the case frame or radiator mounting bracket. The 6-32 pan head screws are finished in black and have Phillips head slots.

Magicool G2 Slim-8

Onwards to technical specifications!