EK PE 360 Radiator Review

The intention of this write up is to provide information and performance data about the EK PE 360mm Radiator for inclusion in the Extreme Rigs Rad Round Up 2015. I’ll be keeping the review section short and factual, focusing on presenting the performance data compiled through the numerous tests carried out. First of all a big thanks to EK for providing this sample of the PE 360.


EK PE (11)

What’s in the box?

EK PE (6)

The PE360 sample sent by EK came in full retail packaging.

EK PE (8)

Inside the retail sleeve was a sturdy shipping box. Opening it up I was happy to find the radiator inside a bubble wrap bag and a paper sleeve.

EK PE (9)

While my sample arrived in perfect condition, I really dislike the way in which the screws were packaged – simply being placed on top of the core. EK is not the only company to do this. I have received radiators in the past with damaged fins caused by this “quick & easy” way of packing the supplied accessories. There are better ways.

Extent of Delivery:

– EK-CoolStream PE series radiator /w pre-installed G1/4 extenders
– flat-head UNC 6-32 screws (l=30mm)
– flat-head UNC 6-32 screws (l=5mm)

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Not mentioned but also included in the accessory bag was an allen key for fitting of the supplied screws.

EK PE (10)

Onwards to technical specifications!