Push Performance – 2.5/5

The Coolgate G2 seems to be simply too thick and needs more static pressure to perform at it’s best.

Push/Pull Performance – 4/5

Once more fans are added then the G2 comes into it’s own and performs near the top without requiring a lot of FPI to get there.

Overall Performance – 3/5

G2 - APF All b

The G2’s overall score reflects that it really only does well in 1/2 setups.  Overall though a good push/pull performance and an average push performance leaves it still above average.

As the G2 is also cheaper than many options it also came out on top of the pack in terms of performance per dollar, offering heaps of bang for your buck.

Features & Quality – 4/5

With excellent performance and a great price you’d be expecting a catch right.  At 65mm thick, plus the 2 fans required make a total thickness of at least 115 mm which you will need adequate space to house this monster in your case.  Not many cases outside of CaseLabs can handle such a beast.

With the fin count on the sample unit of 13FPI, it falls into the medium dense category meaning that that’s it’s not a dust hog, but will need some dedicated cleaning time every now and then.

The paint finish is excellent and quality accessories are supplied with the radiator. 4 ports + the bleeder makes the G2 an ideal candidate for vertical installation, though horizontal options are still there.

There remains the question mark on the Fins Per Inch count on my sample Vs the listed specs, but the 13 FPI unit tested far exceeded expectations.

Summary – 3.5/5

The G2 from Coolgate is a high performance radiator aimed at push/pull setups which performs way out of line with it’s low price.  The finish and presentation is fantastic, and the additional ports are great too.

Where to buy: $82.50 – PPCs



    • The Coolgate G2 was like that vast majority of the rads, coming clean after my usual hot water flush followed by vigorous shaking method. After the hot water flush, I shake with warm tap water 3 times, then 3 times with distilled. The hot flush dissolves excess water based flux, and the shaking is usually enough to get all the small particles out. If you plan on using Pastel coolant which is much more PH sensitive, then additional measure should be taken, such as Blitz Part 1.

  1. Thank you for this amazing review. I was debating (as I’m a reseller for Koolance), weather or not to purchase the Koolance product or this one. As a result of your thorough testing I’m going to go with the Coolgate CG-360G2. My config will be set up like this:

    25mm Fan/65mm Rad/25mm Fan/65mm Rad/25mm Fan = 205

    Which will just cover the bottom of the width of my Origin Genesis PC Case. Again, thank you for your help. Greatly appreciated !!!

  2. I just ordered these rads from Performance-PCs and just checked the port openings inside of these rads. My question to you is, what do you do when the tubes in these rads are partially or completely blocked with solder? Mind you this happened 3 years ago when I purchased a Magicool Extreme Triple 540x35mm rad. 3 of the 5 rads had major issues in the tube openings that were completely blocked and I had to have (Authorized Officer) Yiming Huang (found here on FB: https://www.facebook.com/yiming.huang.969/photos) ship a replacement rad, but I never received it because the shipping company he used messed up my shipping address and he never replied to my many emails to him to resend another one. 3 years later here I am purchasing 2 x CG-360G2 rads (which fit perfectly in my case) and 1 x CG-240G2 rad and BOTH 360 rads have solder that are either partially or completely blocking the tubes so NO water can flow through those channels. Then I come to find out that Coolgate is run by the SAME company as Magicool and by (guess who)… THE SAME PERSON – Yiming Huang. I guess I’m going to be out of luck getting any kind of help from him. What would you do?

  3. Wow that sounds bad. I just put two 480 versions of these in my TH10A. How do I check for this kind of blockage? I ran distilled through a fish pump with a water filter for about two hours not much junk came out of mine.

    • There is nothing to prevent an actual block in the two and/or channel if it’s been soldered over. I think the only thing that you can do is just take a picture of it as best as you can with a flashlight there is nothing to prevent an actual block in the two and/or channel if it’s been soldered over. I think the only thing that you can do is just take a picture of it as best as you can with a flashlight to highlight the area that’s blocked if you can find it on the inside of the radiator port. I wish there was a way that I can upload some pictures to show you exactly what I’m talking about but there is no option on this website you’re going to have to email me directly and I will send you pictures. My email is:


  4. The best thing that I can tell you is if you see that kind of blockage inside the radiator port opening I would just take that radiator and show proof to the person who you purchased it from and asked for an exchange for one that does not have any blockage. As that is the process that I’m going through right now with this company.

  5. You”re talking about one of the G1/4 openings is where you see the blockage? I just want to make sure I’m looking in the right place.

  6. Yes that is correct. They are the quarter inch openings that you have to take the and open them up and look inside to see the tubes to make sure that all the tubes are open with no obstructions. Again please email me and I will send you the pictures see you can see exactly what I’m talking about. If it has any welding get obstructing the tube opening then that’s not good. And if I were you I would take that radiator and send it right back to that company and have them exchange it wherever you bought it from. Just to let you guys know Performance PC’s has he sent me to replacement radiators and they thoroughly checked everything! I’m very happy to hear that and I’m glad that they’re giving me stellar service and not trying to charge me extra money for something that they should be doing anyway. For that I’m very happy. We’ll see how they look when they come in and I inspect them.

  7. Hey guys, sorry to hear you’ve had some problems with these rads. As you recently bought them from PPCs then they should be happy to work with you to RMA them 🙂 FWIW Coolgate also make a lot of the other radiators for other manufacturers so it can be quite hard to ‘escape’ them.

    • Well I have to be honest, I’m not vindictive, but at the same time I can’t stand injustice. Especially when you order something from a company and they are not up front with certain costs to things that really shouldn’t be a cost. I already know who that “supervisor” is at PPC. The great thing is I was dealing with Chris (of the employees at PPC) and he went through the trouble to help me and unfortunately had left early that day and said that he was going to personally handle my order the very next morning. Well that the person after him didn’t know that, nor did that other shipper (B.M. that person’s initials) read my notes to check the Rads before they shipped them and, well… you know the rest of the story.

      I did speak to the manager though (Duke) and he too was very helpful. That “supervisor” could learn a thing or two from his own employees as only a few years ago that “supervisor” was very helpful. I guess over time you can lose your way in wanting to help people, but if that’s the case, then you should leave in charge others that will have yours’ and the customer’s back and THEM deal with those situations (like in my case) so things can get dealt with properly. I have a business too, so I understand the fine line of knowing when to help my customers and drawing that line.

      In my case though, this was very simple. Coolgate (Yiming Huang) is coming out with (what seems to be), some great stuff, but he’s not quality controlling the inventory and that’s going to hurt him in the end as I’m going to NOW look into starting a post on my 10 PC forum sites that will shed more light into calling him to better quality control (as I don’t want this to happen to anyone else). Like with Drew Smith for example, maybe nothing is wrong with his rads, but now he’s got to take things apart to check.

      To be quite honest, that’s not good, especially with something as simple as just checking the inside ports of your rads. That needs to happen at the company level and not from the reseller (like PPC). BUT – PPC should double check the work as well on every rad that is not taped-sealed. Like in the case of Coolgate. All they had to do was just unbox it, pull back the bubble wrap a bit and unscrew the caps and look inside quickly to see if every Tube is completely open and not blocked with solder.

      Anyway I’m ranting and need to do other things, but I will revisit this topic with a more detailed review of my particular situation. But for now I’m STILL waiting (after 3 years) for Yiming to ship me my replacement 540x35mm Rad that I never received and lost time and money on. But that’s another story altogether that I’ll be putting together later on in my future post. Thanks for allowing us to contribute our thoughts here on this forum to protect others from making the possible same mistake. As I know a LOT of people check out this site (like I did), BEFORE they purchase these items. Again, thank you… 🙂

  8. I’m having restriction problems with the loop I just did with the two Coolgate 480’s. I’m only getting about 0.5 GPM with them and one Heatkiller CPU block. I proceeded to hook up a DDC pump I have with an Aquacomputer Flow Meter to just one of the rads and max flow was only 350 L/H 1.5 GPM. Doesn’t that seem really low for just one rad?

  9. Sorry I did not get a chance to see your post their Drew. Did you look inside your radiator to see tubes are blocked? Please let me know, thanks…

    • I’m running Mayhems X-1, and I checked my Heatkiller IV Pro CPU block as well, and that is only getting 240 L/H with just the CPU block in the loop. I think that the restriction is coming from the CPU block now that I researched it further. I don’t see any blockage in the rads. My alphacools UT 60 was only getting 400 L/H so the difference was not that much different than the G2’s. I think my rads are fine to be honest. My temps are really good too. My X99 5930 no overclock yet, but even with FPU test on Aida 64 temps don’t go over 52C, and idle I stay around 30C, with an ambient around 25C. Im going to dismantle the CPU block in next few weeks and check for a possible blockage, to see if I can get better than 130L/H on the whole loop.

  10. Drew,
    If you’re getting 150 – 180 GPH, that (to me) is awesome. I know that the amount of flow is not a factor; especially at that kind of flow rate. Just my thoughts on it and the reviews that I’ve read and watched over the years. This video is pretty interesting. It’s one mans’ opinion, but I think it’s helpful…


    Hope you find out what your issue is. Later…

  11. Good for you, glad things are working out for you. Like I mentioned before I’m going to do a detailed post on how Tubes should look like inside the rad and what they shouldn’t look like and the two companies that have been notorious for that.

    • Ok sounds good make sure to let me know where to find the link. I’m on overclock.net as well. I’m NewtoCooling on that forum.