This year at CES was similar to last year in that there wasn’t any specific big cpu/motherboard/gpu launches that coincided.  Last year Gigabyte focused mainly on their new NUC line.  This year the NUCs were still here and updated but without much excitment to the line up.  Including one painted one:
DSC_9135 copyThere were a bunch more though for almost any need, including ones with pico projectors:

DSC_9134 copyMotherboards were of course on display, but these again were not new:
DSC_9125 copyWe did get to fondle our favorite SOC Force though:

DSC_9126 copy
While the Windforce may be a great cooler, Gigabyte has a real problem distinguishing which card is which:
DSC_9122 copyOf course this one you should know:

DSC_9130 copy

Yes it’s what I like to call the “monstrosity”.

DSC_9132 copyBelieve me it doesn’t look any better in person.  Has anyone heard of a backplate? “Let’s prop up the cards with a selfie stick instead.”  Red PSU connectors too with blue LED lighting.

DSC_9131 copySeriously who thought this was a good product idea?  It looks like it’s vomiting into an open optical drive.  Gigabyte, please, please, please never do this again.

There were also some headsets, this one has a large in line box and does 7.1 surround again through two speakers.  The ear cups are too small though and the whole thing felt a bit cheap:
DSC_9127 copy

The surprisingly large dongle:DSC_9128 copy

There were however some laptops – 1080p snore, 980m ok, 1TB of SSD and 4TB of mechanical.. hmmm not bad.  DSC_9156 copyQuite lightweight too given the screen and HDDs.

DSC_9155 copy


However the more interesting one was the smaller 15″ which had the higher res screen:DSC_9154 copyDSC_9152 copy

DSC_9153 copy
My only complaint with this one is that the bezel is so big.A

Last year Gigabyte also announced the subgroup – Aorus.  I’m not a huge fan of the name to be honest, but the laptops aren’t bad – let’s start with the smallest:
DSC_9146 copyLight weight, lots of ssds, 970m and 3200×1800 is nice.  Of course the 970m will struggle to power that much display, but it’s still a good option for games that aren’t so intensive.
DSC_9145 copySmaller bezels now that the gigabyte laptops:
DSC_9148 copyNext up was the 15″ with the newly released 965m in SLI.  The 965m is about 2/3 of a 980m, so while it’s better than a 980m I Have to wonder if it’s worth bothering with possible SLI issues.  Otherwise though 4K + decent gpu + 32 GB ram + lots of SSDS + lightweightish seems like a winner.DSC_9137 copyIt looks much the same:

DSC_9136 copy

In fact even the 17″ version looks very similar when placed next to it.
DSC_9141 copy
The 17″ ups the GPU, but then sends you slamming back down to 1080p, definitely the X5 would be the way to go.
DSC_9138 copy