“Lenovo?  Why are you covering Lenovo??” This is what I’m expecting you’re saying right now. Yes Lenovo were of course at CES where they had a huge bar filled with computers, laptops, tablets and phones. They also had a party nearly every night. Mostly of interest to us is their 4K display:

DSC_9403 copy

It’s 28″ TN, so not that exciting.  The downside was really the price though – at $800 it’s not going to convince anyone to buy.

There were plenty of mild laptop iterations and of course Lenovo’s Yoga laptops were very much the center of attention as the screen can be folded back to effectively make a tablet or anything in between:

DSC_9399 copy

However the really cool laptops were from NEC who Lenovo had bought.  They were ultralightweight laptops that didn’t skimp on battery or CPU power.  i7 processors, decent display and weighing in at less than 2 lbs.

DSC_9398 copyOf course if you wanted the version with the yoga hinge then you would be just over 2 lbs.  All in all it was very impressive and was so light it felt like a prop:
DSC_9401 copyIn order to keep strength up a magnesium alloy is used for the case.  It still felt a bit more flexible than we’d like, but this is the kind of laptop I dream of, when I’m lugging a bunch of gear around the convention center halls.  Sign me up please!