Not much that’s crazy exciting from Corsair this year.  First up some limited edition platinums in orange.  These are 3400MHz which is crazy fast for DDR4 at this point in time.  They are orange because Corsair were saying the only board that works well at these speeds is the Gigabyte X99-SOC.  No word on pricing, but it’s guaranteed these puppies will not be cheap, so if you have to ask, then don’t bother!DSC_9027 copyWe’d like to see Corsair offer some themed replacement heatsinks to match more motherboards to be honest, as this is quite sexy.  That and an adapter to slot a waterblock on like the old Dominator GT’s.
DSC_9026 copyThe next new product was the HX1200.  The HX line used to be the poor man’s AX, plenty of power but not as efficient or as well controlled.  Well now that the AX has gone to higher power, effiency and now uses digital control, the HX range topper has upped its game from 1050W to 1200W:
DSC_9021 copyIt’s not platinum, and the man Johnny Gerow aka johnnyguru himself was there telling me that even though the control circuitry is analog, it’s only a hair behind the AX1500i and is still amazingly responsive.  Power supplies have improved so much these past few years, that the AX series now really does feel overkill now with this new range!

DSC_9022 copy

As usual everything you could expect from a Corsair power supply.  Nothing amiss here!DSC_9024 copy

The only thing we could complain about is that the wires are not individually sleeved by default, but then the price would go up.  So really it’s hardly fair.DSC_9025 copyIn addition we got a new H110i, this time the GT model – for those in a cave this is a 280mm radiator based all in one cooling unit for a CPU:

DSC_9016 copyThe radiator has been changed from the standard H110, Corsair link functionality has been added:

DSC_9015 copyNew SP140 fans have been added to increase static pressure:

DSC_9019 copy


And there is now some branding on the side of the radiator:
DSC_9014 copyThe tubes are also sleeved.  The look is certainly better, and apparantly the performance is too.  Hopefully we get to test one soon!
DSC_9017 copy

On the cooling front Corsair also showed a demo of their HG10 bracket that allows an existing Corsair AIO cooler to be reused to cool a reference GPU:
DSC_9011 copyThis was launched a while back, but the demo showed a GTX780 overheating on a reference cooler while running furmark, while the AIO cooled system not only ran cooler but no longer thermally throttled.  This was not surprising.  In addition, allowing the reference cooler fan to run at lower speeds means more headroom for power before throttling occurs as well.  Having said all of this the AIO cooler was still  running at 69C, hardly that cool either given that it was running at stock:
DSC_9012 copy

SSDs were updated to the Neutron XT now with sizes up to 960GB.  Standard Sata 3 type stuff though so not that exciting.  Last and probably least in the list of new were the case updates:

DSC_9006 copyAll of these were very much budget cases.  They are not bad, but are primarily about cost which is not really what ER is about.  The first two are updates to the 330R – one the titanium edition with a brushed metal style front door and then the black out edition also:
DSC_9009 copyThen we had the 100R in budget window mode at $50 and the silent version at $60.  We’d recommend the non silent as it has a top mount 240 radiator that means you can turn your fans down, plus you could get a window.
DSC_9007 copyLastly Corsair were showing their recent RGB keyboards:

DSC_9031 copyAlso mice and headsets – Corsair did say the focus this year would be to update these significantly so expect more soon:

DSC_9030 copy

DSC_9029 copy

DSC_9028 copy