We saw the Silverstone Raven RVZ01 quite a while ago but Silverstone has shown off some more pictures of it before it’s launch, which we’re hoping to see in 2013! The RVZ01 is an mITX case that is in the horizontal orientation. It takes advantages of PCI-E risers in order to cut down on the height of the case but not sacrifice a full sized GPU, although you still probably won’t be fitting in a high end 780 ti or R9-290X. This chassis is more suited for 760s and the such. This case appears to be for air coolers but Silverstone shows off a few photos featuring a GPU with a waterblock on it so perhaps with some creativity modders could fit a fully fledged water cooled gaming build in this nifty little chassis. The chassis also featured enough room for a standard ATX PSU, a slot in slimline optical drive and a bit of 2.5/3.5″ drives. We’re very ¬†excited to see this case come to market and see what modders do with it!