Samsung has been wildly successful in the SSD market, first with their 830 line, followed by the 840 and 840 Pro line. The 840 Pro SSDs are still considered some of the fastest SATA SSDs to date. Samsung introduced the 840 EVO line not long ago and shocked the market with the reasonable price for the high end 1TB version. Today Samsung has stepped up their game considerably and brought all of the storage sized available in the EVO line, to the mSATA form factor. These SSDs makes use of 128 gigabit (Gb) 1x-nm NAND flash memory, it has a Samsung controller with TurboWrite technology, and is capable of 98,000 random read and 90,000 random write IOPS, as well as sequential read/write speeds of up to 540/520 MB/s.

“With the new mSATA SSD line-up offering up to 1 TB of memory and an optimized software tool, we expect that consumers can enjoy high storage volume and performance on ultra-slim notebooks besides desktop PCs,” said Unsoo Kim, senior vice president, memory brand product marketing, Samsung Electronics. “We will continue to bring leading-edge SSD products and software solutions with improved quality and reliability, while working on offering higher consumer satisfaction and strengthening competitiveness of our branded memory business.”

There are plenty of ultrabooks and even motherboards that use the mSATA interface and now don’t have to suffer at having a max capacity of 250GBs. We are very excited to see this come to market and we see a few of these in our future! The 840 EVO mSATA will be available this month globally in 120 GB, 250 GB, 500 GB and 1 TB capacities.