EVGA_Jacob today confirmed that the EK Classified waterblock will fit the new EVGA 780 TI Classified K|ngP|n edition.  Yes that’s right they couldn’t come up with anything shorter for a name.  The K|ngP|n edition was previously rumored to have 6GB of VRAM and unlimited TDP, however Jacob had since also mentioned that Nvidia is keeping 6gig for the Titan so that it still has a reason to exist beyond compute. It also makes sense as this card is geared towards benching just like it’s namesake and more memory means slower memory.

Users had already figured out that the Swiftech block wouldn’t fit due to the relocated EVBOT port, however the EK classy block was unknown, but Jacob confirmed it here by saying:

“Actually the EK block does fit smile.gif

K|ngp|n has already shown off a 1900MHz core benching run with the card.  Here are some new shots of the card: