AMD FirePro S10000


AMD has announced the industry’s first supercomputing server graphics card with 12GB of memory!


“The AMD FirePro S10000 12GB Edition graphics card is a compelling solution for a variety of scenarios:

  • Compute/Visualization Server: finance, oil exploration, aeronautics and automotive, design and engineering, geophysics, life sciences, medicine and defense
  • Double precision: genetic sequencing, computational fluid dynamics, structural mechanics, numeral analytics, reservoir simulation, automated reasoning and weather forecasting
  • Single precision: seismic processing, molecular dynamics, satellite imaging, explicit crash test simulation, video enhancement, signal processing, video transcoding, digital rendering and medical imaging
  • Ultra High-end Workstation (Requiring GPU compute and 3D graphics performance): Oil and gas, computer aided engineering”


One of ATi’s first launched cards, the Wonder MDA/CGA, launched in 1986 with a grand total of 64KiB of memory! Now in 2014, less than 20 years later, ATi/AMD has launched the S10000 with 12GB of memory. My only concern is AMD claims the S10000 12GB edition to be the industry’s first card with 12GB of memory, I don’ t think Nvidia’s 12GB Quadro K6000 would appreciate that very much.


AMD’s 6GB variation of the S10000 is available to purchase as of this article, and even has a water block available for it by EK Water Blocks, the 12GB variation is slated for Spring 2014. Hopefully the water block will also fit this card!


Let us know what you think!