The Alphacool HF D5 top comes in both plexi and acetal versions. It’s also the most affordable top out there at $31 for the plexi version. Despite that price it comes in a nice box:

It also comes with two copper stop fittings for the alternative input and output ports:

However the screws that bolt the clamp to the mainbody do not match the usual alphacool copper theme. There is a mounting bracket but nothing to help isolate any pump vibration from the PC case itself.

The plexi top itself looks good when mounted to the floor of a case, however if it were to be mounted vertically the logo would be upside down and presumably hidden behind the pump inlet feed. Through the plexi you can clearly see the 90 degree bends that occur between the primary input/outputs and the secondary less efficient input/output:

The volute looks like the standard cone shape used by most high flow tops: