The LC Flush cutter is another tool that Lutro0 has spent copious hours evaluating many versions to try and find the perfect cutter for sleeve and heatshrink.  Although this could be used to cut wire, it’s advised that you do not use it for both tasks as wire will blunt it and affect the quality of cuts.  It arrived inside a plastic tray with no back as Lutro0 did not want to charge the customer extra to print his own cardboard sheet for the back of the tray:

This of course fits with Lutro0’s attempts to pass savings on to you.

The tool itself has an excellent finish and feels like it was made well. As I have large hands I do wish the handles were a little larger. It feels a bit like a child’s toy because it is on the small side:

The cutting head itself though it just the right size for cutting sleeve or heatshrink. Most of the time it took just one cut to get through MDPC-X sleeve, however occasionally there were a couple of strands that didnt quite make it and required a second attempt. On smaller/tighter sleeve like Lutro0’s Stiffline however it was the perfect fit. For larger sata cable style sleeve you’ll need multiple cuts. Because of this I would say that it’s not quite perfect and either needs to be slightly bigger or slightly sharper or slightly more aligned. It is however still the best cutter I’ve used, but not quite as awesome as the rest of Lutro0’s tool offering.

Summary: Good but not perfect.

Where to buy: Here!