CaseLabs has always been known for their monstrous cases that they’ve been designing and manufacturing since 2010. CaseLabs’ goal was to make a completely modular case that would appeal to enthusiasts and cater to their every need. Since 2010 they’ve expanded their line from their launch product, the M8, to the behemoth that is the TX10-D and the new smaller and affordable Merlin SM8 among many other sizes.

The launch of the STH10 was monumental for CaseLabs as it was their first single wide case and it appealed to a much larger market than their double wide cases did. Despite being the first single wide case launched by CaseLabs, none of the signature features are sacrificed. The STH10 features the same easy access to the drive bays, PSU, motherboard tray, easy mounting of radiators, removable panels, and solid doors.

Specifications of STH10 (Specs from CaseLabs Online Store):

Size: 32.25″H x 26.56″D x 11.25″W (819mm x 675mm x 286mm)
All aluminum construction – .090″ (2.3mm) chassis .063″(1.6mm) doors/covers
PCI Slots: 10
Form Factor: XL-ATX (MB tray dimension: 13.60” x 10.75”) or HPTX (MB tray dimension 13.60″ x 15.00” – 346mm x 381mm)
Max Radiator Size – Upper Chamber Side: 120.4 (Mounts not included)
Max Radiator Size – Upper Chamber Top: 140.4 or 180.3 (Mount not included)
Max Radiator Size – Lower Chamber Side: 140.4 (Mounts not Included)
Cooling Tower Clearance: 180mm
Flex-Bays (5.25” Bays): 17
HDD Capacity: 2 native (22 using Flex-Bays) plus 4 native SSD’s
Weight: 32 lbs.

Compartment sizes (inside frame dimensions):
Upper: 26.00″(660mm) x 9.70″(246mm) x 6.41″(163mm)
Middle: 26.00″(660mm) x 9.70″(246mm) x 17.44″(443mm)
Lower: 26.00″(660mm) x 9.70″(246mm) x 7.41″(188mm)