Exterior Photos

I had this block almost since it first came out, but I figured again that I’d include, to see if there is much of a difference with the full copper block (I expect little).

“Faux” unboxing as this block had been unboxed for a long time, see the full copper unboxing in the next post if you want to see what it would really look like:

One thing that annoys me about the raystorm is not just that the mount is not attached to the block, but that the metal cover that should be glued to the plastic comes off very quickly, and now you have two pieces that can flap around when the block isn’t installed:

Some water staining on the base from a previous install, the base itself is mirrored but the photp doesn’t show that:


Interior Photos

This is a block that had been used previously for a while so the internals are not the cleanest (plasticizer leech and copper oxidation) but none of this hurt performance:

You can see clearly the imprint of the jetplate:

Channel length (43mm):

Channel width – 29mm:

Vanilla Raystorm base vs Full Copper Raystorm base (no difference except age):


Detailed Roundup Results


The Raystorm is a solid thermal performer that is one of the cheapest blocks out there.  The thermal performance should also be increased with a 90 degree rotation that might put the block near the top.  As an entry level block it’s a very good choice.  The quality doesn’t feel as high as Koolance or EK, but still feels better than Alphacool and Phobya.  I’m not a fan of the mounting bracket being loose, and I’m not a fan of the thumbscrews either.  However if you’re looking to save money this is the one I’d buy.

Silver Award for Value: 8.5/10